Questions and Answers about Arginine Cardio an L-arginine supplement
1. What makes Arginine Cardio better than any other arginine product?

Arginine Cardio has been formulated over 24 years by a world famous research doctor, Dr. Rainer Böger MD. He is head of research for the University of Hamburg in Pharmacology and Toxicology. With over 100 peer-reviewed scientifically published papers on arginine, he has become the foremost knowledgeable doctor on L-arginine. There is a very important relationship between arginine and citrulline. The ratios must be exact to get 12 hours of nitric oxide production. Arginine Cardio has this correct ratio and with 2 scoops per day 12 hours apart you have the product working all 24 hours in the body. That amount of time is important for the customer to have early results on taking the product. All products on the market do not have this built-in ratio and it is proprietary. Almost all products have too much arginine and too little citrulline and therefore the arginine is just washed out with your waste water. Arginine by itself can only function for an hour or two.

After animal experiments and early clinical studies had revealed that dietary L-citrulline causes an elevation of L-arginine blood levels. Professor Böger and his team performed this clinical trial to show that a combination of L-arginine plus L-citrulline leads to a higher and more sustained elevation of Nitric Oxide in human blood than L-arginine alone.** After 12 hours - which is the relevant time point for twice daily intake - plasma L-arginine was still significantly elevated when combined L-arginine/L-citrulline was administered with the proper ratio of arginine/citrulline. Whereas L-arginine blood levels were completely back to baseline after administration of L-arginine within a short time frame with ratios of 4 to 1 or higher. All products on the market today have ratios from 5 to 1 up to 25 to 1. The amount of L-arginine/L-citrulline in the study was identical to the ratio in Arginine Cardio.

This is the important part of this study and why Arginine Cardio is more effective than any other product on the market. Once the ratio of L-arginine to L-citrulline is low enough the amount of Nitric Oxide production is double at the 6 week mark. In other words the amount of L-arginine going into your blood is double the amount in the daily dose. Most of the products that promote 1 scoop per day are very ineffective and ratios of 5 to 1 or higher are relatively ineffective at 2 scoops per day.* This is very important for your health and wellness.

2. How can I tell the product is working for me?

That is a very important question. If you have high blood pressure, recent heart attack, stents put in, or any one of a number of symptoms. L-arginine is known to produce Nitric Oxide and more Nitric Oxide has benefits. Every person is different because of their form of the disease and how far it has progressed. As a general rule, more Nitric Oxide works on reduction of blood pressure in the 1st 90 days. Cleaning out your 80,000 miles of vessels takes 2 to 4 years if you have sufficient Nitric Oxide levels.* The most difficult are the carotid arteries (in your neck going to the brain) and the arteries going into the heart. We don't know about calcified plaque - only soft plaque. The customer can have noticeable differences in the 1st year and sometimes tested differences in 3 months.* There are scientific results showing reductions of the most seriously clogged arteries both by increased flow and reduction of plaque when Nitric Oxide levels are high.***

3. How soon can I see results after starting Arginine Cardio?

Most people can see results in the 1st 90 days.* You will sleep better and you will have more energy. Most people will have some kind of reduction of blood pressure in the 1st 90 days.* You also will be able to process more oxygen into your blood stream and that allows you to walk more energetically.

4. If this arginine supplementation is so great, why are doctors not prescribing it?

The Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded in 1998 concerning L-arginine as a signaling molecule for Nitric Oxide. That was 18 years ago. Research on L-arginine goes back to the 1980's. Yet today most doctors and especially internists do not prescribe it. Why? In medical school they do not teach about nutraceuticals. Medical schools' agendas are often driven by the pharmaceutical industry which do not have any interest in nutraceuticals because they cannot get patents or the high priced markups they need. Dr. Joseph Prendergast who was the first doctor to use arginine for his patients who had cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes (during 15 years and 20,000 patients) would send patients to three different cardiologists for procedures. After he had success with arginine supplementation which he carefully documented, he stopped sending his patients to them. All 3 cardiologists were concerned and came to see what they had done to offend him. His response was that he found a better way to help his patients.

There have been some studies that were negative about L-arginine; they were for the most part done with L-arginine as the only ingredient. The test results were inconclusive because they were flawed without citrulline as the titration agent to keep the arginine working longer than a few hours. Dr. Böger has published papers about the flawed L-arginine studies to show why they were flawed.**

5. Will this help my high blood pressure and can I stop taking my meds?

High blood pressure is a complicated medical condition. Each person is different and has different outcomes. For the most part everybody has some success and some have total success in normalizing their pressure when an increase in Nitric Oxide is constant.* Pressure is a function of their blood vessels' hardness and how clean you are. It is also a function of your body inflammation. This can be caused by poor diet, being overweight, not enough sleep, no exercise and stress. All these play into body inflammation. More Nitric Oxide may help reverse hardness of the blood vessels making them more flexible and helping the body fight inflammation.*

The best thing I can tell people about getting off their meds is to say they can reduce their meds when they have success reducing their blood pressure. It is a trial and error approach. When the pressure comes down reduce the amount of medications and see if the reduced pressure holds. You should be consulting your doctor about these things.

6. Will Arginine Cardio build Nitric Oxide?

Arginine Cardio helps the body produce Nitric Oxide. If the arteries are brittle, they will not flex when the heart pumps and that causes pressure. If the vessel is compromised with plaque, that will restrict the flow and cause pressure. What happens is the Nitric Oxide repairs the endothelium first. (The endothelium is an organ inside the blood vessel and its job is to make Nitric Oxide from L-arginine in the blood stream). When the repair is complete then the system can make Nitric Oxide normally. When that happens the system stops the production of plaque and also starts reducing it over time. As the plaque reverses, the Nitric Oxide starts to reverse the hard vessel and makes them supple again. Dr. Böger has done those studies and they are found here:

7. Can Arginine Cardio help with diabetes?

Arginine Cardio cannot cure diabetes, but more Nitric Oxide can help with many the problems associated with it. Many people experience reducing or eliminating Metformin (a pharmaceutical often prescribed for Type II diabetes) and some have reduced insulin as well. Diabetes ravages all the organs of the body and more Nitric Oxide production helps.

8. Can Arginine Cardio help with kidney disease?

Arginine Cardio, because of the L-arginine and high amounts of anti-oxidants, can repair and clean the kidneys of the plaque problem.* Dr. Joseph Prendergast has had huge success with this combination of nutraceuticals. He sometimes held patients off kidney transplants and dialysis to try this treatment first.

9. Can Arginine Cardio help with arthritis?

Arthritis pain comes from inflammation and poor circulation. Both these conditions are helped immensely with an increase in Nitric Oxide production.*

10. How long must I take Arginine Cardio for my Nitric Oxide deficiencies?

Most people who have it received an atherosclerotic gene from their parents produce less Nitric Oxide. What this means is the person is aging much faster than normal within their cardiovascular system and heart. With that problem and non-production of Nitric Oxide, the person will die substantially earlier than normal, usually 20 years earlier. Also there are lots of problems with health along the way - stents, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks. One million people die every year in the USA of heart disease. That is like 3 jumbo jets crashing without survivors every day. Therefore, it is wise to consider taking the product for the rest of your life if you have this deficiency.*

11. How can I compare prices between Arginine Cardio and other arginine products?

That is a very good question. If you take Proargi9 Plus sold by Synergy for $45 to $85 per jar of 30 scoops (distributor price vs. general public) and it takes 6 scoops per day to equal two scoops of Arginine Cardio, the cost difference is $70 versus $270 (for the jumbo jar of 180 scoops per month, that is 30 days worth). And that is just the beginning because Proargi9 Plus does not address many of the health conditions that Arginine Cardio covers more energy, better sleep and other things). If you examine all the knock-offs of Proargi9 Plus you find similar problems, however they want $40.00 per jar of 30 scoops and that is at least $240.00/month for 6 scoops per day. And they do not have the inflammation problem being addressed. There are many products available for less money but are short of addressing the many issues. Arginine pills of any sort will rarely work and if you take enough of them, after choking them down, you still would not have the effectiveness of Arginine Cardio.* The price would be sky high. How can we do it? We have less mark-up and 24 years of science research.

12. Can Arginine Cardio solve my neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a condition where the extremities, hands, feet and legs have less feeling in them than normal. This condition is made up of two problems. (1st) The blood vessels in the extremities have been compromised. (2nd) The nerve endings have been damaged. Nitric Oxide helps the blood flow to these areas as we age. If their problem is nerve endings, that repair takes longer and is usually not 100%. If the problem is one or both, there is some relief after a few months by increasing Nitric Oxide levels.*

13. What are the long term benefits of arginine supplementation?

The long term benefits are better health and a longer life and there are no known long-term side effects of arginine at the doses we recommend. Dr. Rainer Böger MD and Dr. John Cooke PhD, MD have devised a blood test to evaluate the health of your cardiovascular system and your level of arginine production. The study has been evaluated over 20+ years with 3500 people. What the study concluded was that 85% of the adult population will fail the test. That is their cardiovascular system will be compromised in their lifetime and reduce their life span. What that means is 85 people out of 100 need of more Nitric Oxide to have a long healthy life span. The test can be administered for $150.00 and it is called the ADMA molecule test. Call 866-476-2188 for the test kit to be sent to you.

14. What do I say to my doctor about Arginine Cardio? I have an appointment soon

Dr. Louis Ignarro, PhD, head of Pharmacology at UCLA, who was one of the 3 Laureates in 1998 who was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine, wrote a book on Nitric Oxide and cardiovascular disease. The book is called NO More Heart Disease (the NO stands for Nitric Oxide). It will almost be certain your doctor knows very little about the book or L-arginine. However, I have had people buy the book and put it on the table while they discuss the issue of taking L-arginine. You just have to ask what they know about L-arginine and Nitric Oxide. The doctor will most likely be uninformed.

15. I know someone who had open heart surgery after 1 year of taking Proargi9 or some other arginine supplement. Why did it not work for them?

Most products usually cannot work fast enough for blockages next to the heart. We do not know if Arginine Cardio can either. No product in the world works for everybody's therapy; that means that there are always some individuals who do not show a good response to the treatment because of their state of the disease. One year is too short; it may take 2 years or more depending on how occluded the arteries are for Nitric Oxide to work inside the body. Also how much did they take each day and how spaced out was their therapy dose? There are usually a lot of unknowns and the patient may be unaware of exactly what his condition was before he started supplementing.

16. The root cause of almost all disease is inflammation. Does Arginine Cardio address that problem?

Resveratrol, Curcumin, and Vitamin D3 work synergistically to reduce inflammation. They are the three strongest forms of inflammation control and Arginine Cardio has these ingredients.*

17. Can Arginine Cardio help with dementia?

Dr. Böger has in one of his 100 published papers evidence that L-arginine goes across the blood brain barrier and may helps the system in the frontal lobe where processing for memory is located.** Also curcumin goes across the same barrier and may help clean out the free radical rust in the brain.* Together they are a dynamic duo in brain dementia health.*

18. What is the difference between taking a pharmaceutical drug and Arginine Cardio?

Pharmaceuticals are designed for maintenance not for cures of diseases. Also nutraceuticals are not supposed to be touted as a cure for any disease. So be careful. They may be cures, but we cannot say they are. The science may be telling us that cures are happening, but we cannot make that claim, that was the deal with the FDA years ago to avoid regulation. However a research doctor can make the claim based on his own research work.

The pharmaceutical industry is slowly coming around concerning health versus maintenance. The future is wellness and better health, and that is what Arginine Cardio is bringing to the table. Niger Jones, head of Healthcare Sector of England stated in the Financial Times on 1/27/14, that Big Pharma must change its approach to health and wellness. This idea that they can just make a profit off maintenance is outdated and out of vogue. Arginine Cardio has been brought to market with health and wellness as a goal and with 24 years of scientific study by Dr. Rainer Böger MD.

19. What scientific validation is there for Arginine Cardio?

If you read topic: New Arginine Product "Arginine Cardio" Formula 24 years in the makingin in the web site, home page right side tab, you will have an explanation of what each ingredient does in the formula. The ingredients have been evaluated and studied by Dr. Rainer Böger MD. The arginine and citrulline have been scientifically studied over a 24 year period.

20. Who is Dr. Rainer Böger? What are his qualifications?

Dr. Rainer Böger MD is the most world renowned researcher on L-arginine. He has been doing it for 24 years at the University of Hannover, Germany, Stanford University, California, and University of Hamburg in Germany. He is head of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology. He heads up the research on L-arginine. There is a web site that evaluates doctors worldwide on all subjects. The placement of position is based on their research and how it has helped mankind. Go to: and put into the rectangle in the center of the page "arginine". Then on the next page click on

"List Experts". Now the total list of experts worldwide on arginine comes up. Note that the 1st position is Dr. Rainer Böger MD and the 3rd one is Dr. John Cooke. Both of these doctors are doing work for Arginine Cardio. Now click on Dr. Böger. You will see his Bio and about 85 out of over 100 of his peer reviewed scientific published papers onL-arginine.

21. I am pretty satisfied with XYZ product, why would I want to change?

The biggest reason is effectiveness and cost. All products on the market, according to their daily dose, only function a few hours per day or less. You are satisfied because you may not know what is really happening inside. Your cost is considerably more than Arginine Cardio to have the same effectiveness. Also your product has never been scientifically studied. If you think so, tell me who the doctor is? Where are his published papers? There is only one other product that has a major doctor behind it and that is Niteworks sold by Herbalife. That doctor is Dr. Louis Ignarro and the product sells for $90 for 1 scoop per day for 30 days. I don't know of one other arginine product that been studied except for Arginine Cardio and I know all the leading products. Why not have the best for less?

22. What do you think of Nitric Oxide pills and the strips to test for Nitric Oxide?

There are products being promoted as better than arginine as a cardiovascular solution. They claim that Nitric Oxide must be produced in the mouth, not in the stomach or intestines. The truth is Nitric Oxide must be produced in the tissues, arteries, in the heart, in the brain and in the bones. Nitric oxide that is produced in the mouth will be swallowed and the gastric acids will convert it into nitrite and nitrate, where both are inactive. Arginine goes into the stomach, then in the blood and the endothelium in the vessels, and produces Nitric Oxide.

These companies say they measure Nitric Oxide in saliva. That is a great marketing tool when you sell a product that increases Nitric Oxide generation in the mouth. The only thing worth testing is what is in the blood according to Dr. Rainer Böger.

Authored by,
Dr. Rainer Boger MD

*Results May Vary