Testimony of Mark Nicholson.

5 years ago at age 47 I had an examination from my Beverly Hills Doctor. He told me that I was 25% clogged on my left carotid artery. I was supposed to change my diet and exercise more, but I was already eating pretty clean and exercising. I was examined again at age 50 and the same reading was given that my left carotid artery was 25% clogged. I decided to start looking for some answers on the internet and came across Arginine Cardio. As I read and listened to Dr. Bger I was convinced to try this supplement for my high blood pressure and my 25% artery being clogged. My Dad died from a heart attack at age 59 and I had a brother die at age 44 from the same thing. I knew I was a walking time bomb with this family history for heart disease. When I started taking Arginine Cardio I started having more energy almost immediately. This was encouraging and I also was able to work-out better when I went to the gym. I visited my doctor again when I was 51 and he saw improvement as my left artery had come down to 19 percent clogged. I continued taking my 2 scoops a day and when I visited my doctor again at age 52 my left artery was down to 12% clogged. Now this is what is so amazing about my situation, the only thing that Ive done differently is take my 2 scoops a day of Arginine Cardio. Today, I would seriously be scared to death not taking my 2 scoops of Arginine Cardio every day.

Testimonial of Ray Horton Age 74 brother of Dr. Charles Horton PhD.

After my first heart attack in 1998, I had open heart surgery and bypasses at age 56, immediately followed by a second heart attack, more serious than the first one, while still in the hospital. Two main coronary arteries were 100% calcified and the "widowmaker" was 95% calcified. I had a long and very difficult recovery complicated with two bouts of pericarditis and anemia. I vowed to never go through that again, and agreed to aggressive medical therapy. My quality of life was severely reduced. Over the next five years I had two more heart attacks, and I was in and out of congestive heart failure due to my weakened condition and ejection fraction [strength of heart] while taking up to 35 pills daily to strengthen my failing heart, reduce fluid accumulation, control high blood pressure, and manage daily angina [chest pain].

The option for a second bypass surgery wasn't really an option at all, because my doctor didn't feel I could survive a second one. In the 12 years following, while on the aggressive medical regimen, frequent checkups, scans, etc., including five stints, three angioplasties, and a total of fifteen heart procedures, I made very slow, but consistent progress, although my ejection fraction never reached the normal range. During that five-year period, my doctor felt I had a 50% chance to live three years.

In August 2014, I began taking Arginine Cardio twice a day. My cardiologist said that it wouldn't hurt me or complicate his therapy, but he didn't expect it to help. I was wearing a nitro patch and using sublingual nitro every day for recurring angina pain. Within two to three months I quit having regular chest pain, and by the end of six to seven months, I never had any at all. I began to experience increased energy and better sleep. My blood pressure was always hard to manage, even on regular adjustments of my medication. It was regularly over 170/100. My blood pressure is now regularly 135/70.

I have been examined twice a year by my cardiologist. Subsequent to my last exam and blood work, he told me that my heart function and numbers were all in normal ranges. I have lost 20 pounds and feel better than I have in 20 years. I didn't know it at the time I began taking Arginine Cardio, but my doctor had never expected me to live three to five more years. His opinion has now changed. My life expectancy, according to my cardiologist, is now age 90 if I continue the same kind of progress. He says this is simply miraculous!

My quality of life and peace of mind for a 74- year-old man with this cardiovascular history I have described is certainly possible from taking Arginine Cardio. It is never too late to start, in my opinion, especially if your quality of life and peace of mind have been negatively affected by cardiovascular aging conditions.

The pic on the the top is now was taken December 2015; the pic on the bottom was taken in July 2013. People say I appear ten years younger! I feel it too.

Testimony of Charles Horton Phd.

I started taking Arginine Cardio last August 2014 after getting some information on the quality of the product and reading the research papers of Dr. Rainer Böger. I was also influenced by a national best-selling book, The Cardiovascular Cure written by the cardiologist, Dr. John Cooke, listed as the number 5 researcher in the world on www.expertscape.com. Bob Weeks and his brother, the principals of Arginine Cardio helped me to understand the 24 hour Nitric Oxide necessity. After many frustrating years of experience with other arginine supplements, I came across Arginine Cardio formula based on the science of Dr. Böger's research. This product is uniquely formulated in order to work 24 hours a day building Nitric Oxide.

When I started, my blood pressure had become increasingly hard to manage. I was taking the following regimen: Losartan 100 mg daily, Amlodipine 5 mg daily, regular diuretics and potassium supplements, and a beta blocker for irregular rhythm. My blood pressure was always 140/90 or greater. I have monitored my blood pressure daily to observe a pattern of declining toward 120/80. I have been gradually titrating my regimen down. I am now down to less than 120/80 and I have cut my losartan to 25 mg, amlodipine 5 mg, no diuretic, and no potassium. My plan is hopefully to cut the remaining Losartan this week, retaining the Amlodipine and beta blocker for a few weeks. This outcome is the result of taking 3 scoops of Arginine Cardio daily always on an empty stomach: 6 am, 3-4pm, and 10pm.

Peripheral neuropathy: After years of discomforting numbness and burning in my lower legs and my feet including patches of darkness, unsightly skin discoloration, the Arginine Cardio has reduced these problems by 90%.

Sleeping Disorder: I have used a CPAP machine every night for over 4 years due to diagnosis of severe sleep apnea. My Apnea/Hypopnia Index, AHI, was over 60 in the clinic. The daily readout of my sleep parameters on my Respironics CPAP shows 7 and 30 day averages. My AHI was between 10 and 12 before Arginine Cardio. It is now between 3 and 4. My period breathing was 5 to 10. It is now 0 to 2.

Erectile Dysfunction: I have had disturbing ED for over 10 years, primarily from the blood pressure medication, so I have used Cialis and Viagra. The problem was getting more pronounced to the point that the ED meds didn't always work. After 7 months on Arginine Cardio, I no longer have the ED problem.

Weight management: I have been able to lose over 20 pounds in the last 3 months.

Here are some people who have trusted my professional background and character enough to try and take Arginine Cardio: My wife, my son, daughter, brother, several best friends and over 20 acquaintances.

I have a 40 year history as a medical scientist. My doctoral dissertation for my Ph.D. in Medical Pharmacology from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine was on the transport of arginine in heart tissue. 15 years of my research career involved studies of blood flow dynamics and oxygen transport in the micro-circulation of the brain, during which time I learned about EDRF, later found to be Nitric Oxide. As a medical pharmacologist with research experience in circulation, I am uniquely prepared to assess and support the effectiveness of Arginine Cardio to the point I wanted to share my successes.

Testimony By Matthew Thomas

I have been suffering from many ailments including high blood pressure and diabetes II. In April of 2015, my blood pressure was measured as high as 160/100, which concerned my doctors. I also had significant loss of feeling and numbness in my feet and extremities, which was even a greater concern for me. My energy was at an all-time low, and weight loss seemed nearly impossible, even with strict dieting. I ordered Arginine Cardio in May of 2015, with hopes of reducing blood pressure, increasing cardiovascular circulation, regaining the feeling in my feet and extremities, and increasing my overall energy. I ramped up to a full scoop as the directions indicated I should. I felt a noticeable boost in energy during the first week of taking Arginine Cardio. After weeks 2-3, I began to notice reductions in the numbness in my feet. At weeks 5-6, I felt improved circulation in my body and my blood pressure was dropping. At 7 weeks, my blood pressure was measured at 132/70, a reduction (top and bottom) of more than 20 points. To my surprise, I had also lost weight while taking Arginine Cardio about 15 pounds over the first 10 weeks, and this is without any changes to diet. Also at 10 weeks I noticed that the broken blood vessels in my feet had healed and the sensation of feeling and skin coloration was near normal. For years, I've slept with socks on because of poor circulation in my feet. Since week 10, I've slept without socks because my circulation has improved greatly. My feet feel and work 300% better today and it's because of Arginine Cardio. I am approaching the bottom of my third jar of Arginine Cardio, and I'm convinced that I need to continue using Arginine Cardio to maintain and continue this new found health supplement and prevent high blood pressure and diabetes from destroying my body. With Arginine Cardio, my blood pressure has dropped to within normal levels. I have genuinely experienced greater cardiovascular circulation (which has improved several bodily functions and my ED problem. I have regained feeling in my feet and extremities, increased my overall energy levels, and have had significant weight loss. Arginine Cardio has helped me do all of this without the need for conventional medication and pharmaceutical drugs for my high blood pressure or diabetes. Arginine Cardio is truly a miracle product with rock solid results.

Testimony by Judy Taylor

I found your arginine due to a severe health problem that my husband received due to his high blood pressure. He got what is called "Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion" (BRVO). All the studies about this condition point to its origins with high blood pressure. Since it reduced his vision (and it is not a vision problem corrected via lenses), I was kept very busy driving and helping him with his appraisal business as we could not allow that to go away.

His very recent visit to the macula and retina specialist was excellent - the problem is abating (most likely due to his NOW FINALLY taking the Arginine Cardio 3 times per day!!!) I now have more free time and I want to help others who have high blood pressure - your product is the only one that works!